Posted on February 14th, 2020

[as seen on Ears To Feed]

Tranquil trees light the wilderness of the smoke infused ground within the Tennessee hillside, a backwater land sewn in beauty. Its here where guitarist Chappy Hull (Gnarwhal, PILE) crafted the tracks that would go onto form the backbone of his new project, Shell Of A Shell. A conduit used to release the endearing human sentiments of pain, self-doubt and the agonizing depression that seems to creep over your shoulders. The project initially took shape with Hull leading the process but then adding a mix of elements from fellow bandmates Dylan Liverman (guitar), Noel Richards (bass) and Ian Sundstrom (drums) to create a grueling witness to the unshakable cruelness that comes along with maturation leading to their 2018 debut EP Already There. After a year of recording with engineer Seth Engel in his Chicago studio, the four-piece built upon their noise backed foundation with a layered sense of anxiety that never seems to let go, conjuring elements of melodic sympathy to combat the darker moments of anguish. Giving birth to an upcoming debut album Away Team that manages to soak you in all its harsh tones but offering relief for those who need a moment of clarity among the pain, especially upon its latest single, “My Wildfire”

Taking straight from the true story of a fire that caused a devastating blow to the town of Pigeon Fire, Tennessee, and the philanthropic efforts of country pop star Dolly Parton in the wake of the tragedy which soon created a growing level of envy. “Feels so good to talk about, I’m in my home now who I helped out, foolish pride just fumbles out”, beckons Hull as his high-pitched voice echo the seething resentment that the town feels. The instrumentals invoke the constant change in public opinion that shifts between the indifference and the false image of happiness that her colossal self-image has placed on the community. Capitalism runs a muck among natural disasters, philanthropy just a cloak for those to boost an ego in the name of good will.

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