Posted on August 30th, 2018

[as seen on The Alternative]

The all-female powerhouse on Exploding In Sound Records, Human People, are bringing the angsty and punk flavor of the 90’s back. The quartet who are Hayley Livingston (guitar/vocals), Marisa Gershenshorn (guitar/vocals), Vicki Guillem (drums), and Abby Austin (bass) have released a handful of tracks along some EP’s, but now are gearing up to release their debut LP titled Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears.

The attitude and spunk that Human People sport in their music is one of the many attributes that this group brings through with their punk sound. Lead singer, Marisa Gershenshorn’s vocals sound alike to the vocal deliveries of legends such as Courtney Love and Kim Gordon. Carrying a scratchy and aggressive tone throughout their single “Jenny” off of their new record, Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears. Hayley and Marisa’s writing on this track battle between an opening of dueling guitars and a catchy riff that sticks to your ears like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth.

The Brooklyn-based group’s witty lyricism in a narrative form are signature to their fun and outgoing persona on stage. After seeing them open for their label-mates Big-Ups back in May, it can be said that the girls of Human People are not ones to mess with. Their album Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears comes out on September 21st, 2018.


Posted on August 22nd, 2018

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To label Brooklyn, NY band Baked as a mere "rock" band is to dismiss their vast and varying sonic ability. Their new EP- titled simply II, is nothing if not evidence of this. A true sonic mélange; the short and sweet release wanders all the way from fuzzed out post-punk to dreamy, carousel-esq pop and back again in only 5 songs. Songs like "Hope You're Happy" and "A Hartlett Anthem" (referring to former member and vocalist of Ovlov, Steve Hartlett) engulf listeners in a wave of shredding power pop guitars; while songs like "Thus Far Been" and "Good for You" are brooding, brutally honest takes on twangy-tinged indie rock. With such a wide aesthetic variance in such a quaint release, it's hard not to be impressed by Baked and one can only hope to hear more.

We have your first listen of II in it's entirety, listen below.


Posted on August 15th, 2018

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Pile have amassed a sizable cult following since Rick Maguire started the project in the late ’00s, and they’ve also built up a decent collection of detritus over the years that hasn’t been included on their full-length albums, the most recent of which was last year’s A Hairshirt Of Purpose. They’re collecting these stray tracks in a new compilation called Odds And Ends, which comes out next month, and will put their early EPs and 7″s on vinyl yet again. It also contains a few unreleased songs, like “Cup,” which the band recorded during the sessions for the last album.

“Odds and Ends is a collection of songs from 2010-2017 that were either on EPs, compilations or just omitted from other records for one reason or another,” Rick Maguire explains. “Now that we’ve run out of those EPs it seemed appropriate to release them together along with some other songs we’ve kept around. ‘Cup’ is a song I’ve been tinkering with on and off since 2009, we finally got it together by the time we recorded A Hairshirt Of Purpose in 2017. It didn’t find it’s way on to that record but I’m glad we’re able to release it this way.”

Listen below.


Posted on August 10th, 2018

[as seen on Brooklyn Vegan]

Brooklyn indie rockers Bethlehem Steel have tons of tour dates coming up this month through November, including opening slots for some pretty cool bands like the reunited Sparta, Pile, and Lemuria.

The Brooklyn band play the hometown stops of all three of those tours. They open for Sparta at Bowery Ballroom on 8/17, Pile at Saint Vitus on 10/20, and Lemuria at Market Hotel on 11/2.

They also have hometown shows at Rockaway Beach’s Rippers on 9/9 with Baked, and a Microsessions session at Brooklyn’s Complete Music Studios on 9/22. All dates are listed here.

Last year, Bethlehem Steel released their new album Party Naked Forever on Exploding In Sound Records. It’s kinda got a Waxahatchee vibe in the way it combines singer/songwriter type stuff with loud, crunchy indie rock, and singer Rebecca Ryskalczyk’s truly soaring voice makes Bethlehem Steel really stand out. You can stream the whole album here, and we’re also premiering the video for “Florida 2.”


Posted on August 8th, 2018

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Fond Han, the experimental post-hardcore project led by Thomas Baumann, are back with “Wronk,” a title track of sorts from their forthcoming sophomore album Wronked. The new album — due out in October via Exploding In Sound — follows the New Brunswick band’s 2015 debut, Sham Cloud.

See-sawing between moments of quiet rumination and big surges of urgent instrumentation, “Wronk” is a jumpy, densely layered knot of manic energy. The song starts off woozy and ominous before spilling into a deluge of free jazz blasts and post hardcore bursts. They beam in distortion and synth like lasers, pinpointing perfect spaces to fill with extraterrestrial fuzz.

Listening is a kind of catharsis in its own right, which sort of aligns with Baumann’s thinking behind the album as a way to expel some of his inner demons surrounding mental illness, addiction and the disintegration of relationships.

In an email, Baumann explained some of the process behind the upcoming LP:

"It’s darker than the last record. When we were finishing up the week of tracking I remember listening to everything and thinking, shit… this is too depressing. It made me feel pretty terrible hearing all of it, knowing I was responsible. Wondering what use surfacing and fossilizing these emotions could have, why would I want to share this with people I don’t know? Why dump this gloom on the people I do?"

There’s something to be said about how expansive the track sounds, which is probably aided by the wide range of influences and figures who went into the creative process. Wronked was recorded in Chicago with Seth Engel, of Pallet Sound and Options, and New York with Michael J. Thomas III (Ovlov, Empress Of, Grass Is Green). The record features a whole cast of longtime collaborators like Kira McDonald, Alex Molini (Stove, Dirty Dishes, Titus Andronicus) and members of Chicago avant-jazz/post-rock collective Monobody.

Judging by the sound of the new song, the new Fond Han album is shaping up to sound like nothing else on the EIS roster, or anything else for that matter. Listen below.