Posted on September 5th, 2019

[as seen on The Alternative]

Boston punk group, Kal Marks, are set to release their newest EP, Let The Shit House Burn Down, September 27 through Exploding In Sound Records. We are premiering their newest single, “Science is Science”. The acid washed track discusses the frustration many are currently feeling in regards to climate change.

Frontperson, Carl Shane, shared a very blunt, but candid, statement about the track that shows the sincerity of the track. Shane expressed, “Science is Science is pretty grim. I think there’s a lot of behavior in this world that needs to be eradicated or we will be. There’s many problems in this world, the Earth should be number one right now, but there’s a lot of old greedy fuckers that won’t change or die out. Maybe the human race is actually a virus, and it’s hopeless. I really wish it’s not.”

While grim on its surface, Shane’s words are not in vain, and in fact reflect the feelings of hopelessness many have been struggling with as the world, both literally and metaphorically, burns. Some of us are using metal straws and others are slinging guitars and yelling frustrations to anyone willing to listen. Whichever side you’re on, Kal Marks offers a soundtrack to the chaos. Pre-orders are now open via Exploding In Sound.

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