Posted on September 4th, 2019

[as seen on Flood Magazine]

The biggest change Bethlehem Steel has undergone in the two years since their grungy debut is the addition of Christina Puerto, who not only brings additional guitar to the formula, but also a strong personal and creative bond with the Brooklyn-based band of longtime friends. Originally brought on as a touring member of the then-trio, Puerto’s presence influenced the lyrical content of the band’s forthcoming self-titled album as much as it inspired the sound, a cleaner guitar-driven brand of post-hardcore accompanying lines about manipulative men and the female bonds that help you put them behind you.

It’s this particular bond that inspired the band’s video for their latest single, “Govt Cheese,” which sees Puerto and frontwoman Becca Ryskalczyk coordinating dance moves while a man bleeds out between them. “I wanted to show how sometimes certain male relationships held me back,” Ryskalczyk notes of the clip. “In letting some of that go I could grow as a person and find more strength in myself. The dual dancers shows the importance of healthy friendships and a solid support system if you’re lucky enough to find that.”

Bethlehem Steel is out September 13 via Exploding in Sound. You can pre-order it, and catch the band on tour with Kal Marks.

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