Artists // Milked

Milked is the project of Kelly Johnson (ex-Geronimo!). You can place your dislike or indifference of its music squarely on his shoulders. The rest of Geronimo! (Ben Grigg and Matt Schwerin) comprises the live band for Milked. Geronimo! is still good friends. The songs from Death on Mars, Milked’s first “proper” full-length, were written by Kelly Johnson in the spring/summer of 2015, right after Geronimo! ended. They were recorded with Nicholas Papaleo through the summer of 2015 – fall of 2016. The album features Matt Schwerin (ex-Geronimo!), and Andrew and Nate Lanthrum (Troubled Hubble).

Kelly Johnson began creating music under the name Milked, self-releasing basement demos and garage rock experiments through his Bandcamp but "Death On Mars" is their first “official” album, a return to form for Johnson, a surging record of fuzzy indie rock and blistering punk with its sights turned toward the cosmos. The album revolves around a loose theme based around the idea of searching for a new home in outer space and all the feelings included… loneliness, reflection, nostalgia, excitement, and melancholy contentment.

The syrupy guitar riffs have infectious melodies offering their own thick hooks before the vocals even begin. As Johnson dives into the spaced out slacker rock, there’s an epic quality to it all. The slow build of Johnson’s warped pop is sludgy yet bright with mountainous guitars.