Artists // Spook The Herd

Spook the Herd is a Boston-based rock band, and the brainchild of Jesse Weiss and Abe Kimball. As decade-long friends and former bandmates, STH began with a desire to form a collaborative recording project free from the stresses of extensive touring. After releasing a single, a three-song EP, and playing a handful of shows with Theo Hartlett and Morgan Luzzi of Ovlov rounding out the live lineup, Spook The Herd began working on a more expansive collection of songs. Thus came The Small Wins EP. Initially just a concept, Weiss wrote and recorded five of the six tracks, instrumentally, before passing them over to Kimball to write melodies and lyrics.

Containing several guest appearances, and a musical vibe different than the group had ever previously expressed, the EP captures a wide variety of feelings and emotions. Targeting a bubble-gum pop melodic approach to contrast the gritty guitars, The Small Wins EP is a step in the future direction of the band. The group plans on performing more shows this summer to support the subsequent release, and has already laid the foundations of a sibling record entitled The Minor Tweaks EP. While never stopping to compromise their musical ideas, or fit the mold of any one genre, Spook the Herd looks forward to continually recording and releasing new music.