Artists // Rock Solid

Rock Solid has been a quiet contributor to the Tri-State music circuit. With only a few single releases on Bandcamp, 'Something Solid' is Rock Solid's first EP release. Musician and Illustrator Jaime Knoth began writing music under the Rock Solid moniker shortly after starting college in Brooklyn as a new creative outlet that grew out of her exposure to the small music scene in her hometown, Montclair, NJ.

The songs on 'Something Solid' incapsulate Knoth's transits from teen to adult, marking some of the struggles between family and friends; they are a celebration of a coming of age. When the release was approaching, she looked to close friend Adan Carlo (who sings on 'Doing Fine') to help her record the songs where they were written, in the attic of her childhood home. With Carlo's help and contributions to these tracks, rock solid's 'Something Solid' is a gentle reminder to accept help from the ones that love you.

Promo photo by Ava Field