Artists // Porches.

Porches. frontman/guitarist/songwriter Aaron Maine has released eight records in the past six years under various names and is currently sitting on his latest LP "Slow Dance in the Cosmos" by his most current project, Porches. Porches. Began in Pleasantville NY dec 2010 upon return from 4 week US tour supporting Ramona Cordova. Aaron came accross a casio CA-110 keyboard, and started recording songs with it on a four-track. He found it a refreshing departure from previous projects and quickly made it his priority. Porches. released three E.P.'s in 2011 and a 15 minute tape In 2012. Aaron and members Cameron Wisch (drums), Greta Kline (bass/backing vox), Kevin Farrant (guitar), Seiya Jewell (keyboard) spent 2012 putting together what will be Porches.' first full-length. It has been referred to as porno-gospel, loner pop, bootyclapping, sad spread, and compared to the Arthur Russell, Neil Young, Chopin, and Kurt Vile. In the few years of existing Porches. have become regular fixtures in New York venues like Shea Stadium, Death by Audio, Silent Barn, Big Snow, Cakeshop and Pianos. They also frequent Philly, New Paltz, Bard, Ithaca, and Boston. There is a pureness in Aaron Maine's writing that seems to be missing in a lot of music these days. Content is often dark, but taken lightly and delivered honestly.