Artists // Palehound

The much buzzed about Palehound has returned with a brand new single and an expanded line-up, shifting the solo project to a quartet. The band, Ellen Kempner (vocals/guitar), Thom Lombardi (bass/backing vox), Ben Scherer (guitar/backing vox), and Max Kupperberg (drums) formed during the fall of 2013, expanding on the sound of last year’s Bent Nail EP with stunning dynamics and a heavier tone. Wasting no time, the quartet began playing a whirlwind of tight, jaw-dropping shows throughout the East Coast, quickly establishing Palehound as one of the best up-and-coming bands during the CMJ Music Marathon and throughout Brooklyn’s DIY community. Nearly 50+ shows later, the band will release Kitchen 7" (Holiest b/w Pay No Mind), the first recorded output from the full band, an impressive statement in the evolution of Palehound.

Originally imagined as a revolving cast, the four members of Palehound, dear friends and great musicians, instantly cliqued. Palehound once again headed to Brooklyn’s Gravesend Recordings with producers Julian Fader and Carlos Hernandez (of Ava Luna). Kempner described the full band experience in the studio, offering, “recording the Kitchen 7" was a really rewarding, hilarious, and simultaneously trying experience which allowed us to really solidify our status as a set four-piece and true pals."

The results of their session captured the feel of the band while still allowing room for Kempner’s songwriting to beam through the muscular compositions with clever lyricism and undeniable charm. "Holiest was written as a dialogue with myself over feeling socially lazy and naive." said Kempner about the single's lyrics.

Palehound’s sound has expanded with a natural progression, still composed of impeccable songs and gorgeous musicianship, winding further into tangled bliss as Kempner and Scherer’s guitars glide and twitch together with the bellowing rhythm section. Kempner’s vocals sit confidently within the mix, never obscured or overbearing, allowing her poetic lyrics space to land and connect. You could call Kitchen 7" (Holiest b/w Pay No Mind) precious, but you wouldn’t want to turn your back on them. It’s dreamy yet unnerving, nearly whimsical while seemingly distraught. Palehound’s music is the collision of a deep understanding of pop magnetism and grizzly indie rock. 2014 looks to be a big year for Palehound, and they’re only getting started.