Artists // Flagland

Flagland have been making their own brand of “panic rock” since 2011, and the band have been rather prolific in the process. In the span of four short years they’ve released a massive catalog that contains three full length records (including last year’s exceptional Love Hard on Father/Daughter Records) and a pair of EPs, with over fifty songs that span the entire array of rock music. The band have referred to their songwriting and album structuring as “flipping through rock styles like a manic rolodex” and while it’s been said about many bands before them… Flagland can truly do it all. The band, Kerry Kallberg (guitar/vocals), Dan Francia (bass/vocals), and Nick Dooley (drums), have created the aural manifestation of panic-induced energy, a powerful component they’ve proven able to shape into an array of demented incarnations.

At the core of Flagland’s seething energy and unbridled garage anthems lies an ever present shattered pop sensibility, songs that focus on infectious melodies and honest hooks with the same passion they deliver blistering distortion and locked-in rhythmic brilliance. Flagland have pushed the boundaries of their sound in every imaginable direction, as Kallberg and Francia’s songwriting leaves no path unturned while still achieving an impossible sense of cohesion in the process. The trio have an uncanny gift for hooks both subtle and enormous, unpredictable structures, and dynamic pop experimentation that has made the band one of Brooklyn’s most consistent bands. Flagland are the embodiment of the mind that thrives in chaos. This is garage punk with a reckless intelligence, exuberant energy, and Flagland’s own twisted grasp of heart and soul… and you haven’t experienced anything quiet like it.