Artists // Dust From 1000 Years

Dust From 1000 Yrs have been making music and releasing records in Bloomington, Indiana for over a decade, shifting their line-up throughout the years while experimenting with different sounds. At the center of it all is Bone aka Ben Rector, the mastermind behind Dust’s easy going heartbreak. Having recently released their latest album Moon as a trio just last month through their own So Hard Young Boy imprint, Famous Cigarettes finds Rector performing solo, perfecting his steady and earnest songwriting, combining gentle dirges of distorted riffs, acoustic guitars, doubled vocals, and devastatingly sad songs that resonate long after they’ve finished. There’s an outsider folk quality to Dust From 1000 Yrs latest batch of songs, an unnerving sentiment of loneliness with an underlying sense of hope buried deep beneath that peaks out just when all hope is seemingly lost.