Artists // Blacklisters

Leeds' finest noise punks, BLACKLISTERS have embraced the sound of Drive Like Jehu, The Jesus Lizard, and Wire like no other and I can confidently say that while they may not have invented the deranged fury of noise rock with wild drunken ranted vocals, they have perfected it. Praised by the likes of Biffy Clyro, Future of the Left, Pulled Apart By Horses and more, Blacklisters revel in the filth, twisting and sputtering with a devilish intent and deeply skewed sense of humor.

Blacklisters frontman Billy Mason-Wood gives David Yow a run for his money (hell, even Scratch Acid hand selected them as tour support in the UK a few years back), and does it with a smirking insanity that never lets up. Their music is abrasive, chaotic, and generally relentless (though slightly restrained from their debut), combining the intensity of hardcore, the reckless abandonment of punk and noise rock’s general tone and complete lack of regard. The band are tight, focused... and flat out have one of the most earth rattling rhythm sections and bass tones one can hope for. Their sense of humor and sarcasm is biting to say the least delivered under a blanket of angular sludge and walls of impenetrable low end. Blacklisters are a rare breed of weird and furious, and we all benefit from it.