Artists // Slip Disco

Mattress Financial, now changed to Slip Disco, is the product of constant songwriting from a prolific musician. While focusing on Two Inch Astronaut, Sam Rosenberg began to write “songs that didn't quite fit the bill for that band. I amassed a small collection of these creepy little songs and thought it'd be fun to try and play most of the instruments on them. I'm attracted to things that are portable and practical, like a really good backpack, so I tried to write simple things that could stand on their own without much in the way of bells and whistles, or a capable bassist and drummer.” The result is stunning and after some prodding from Exploding In Sound Records, Rosenberg agreed to release the songs, together with close friend and like-minded musician, Thomas Baumann.

Mattress Financial was recorded by Michael Siegel (“I Do That Good,” “On Your Lap”) and Devin McKnight (“40s”) and mixed by Christian Ankerstjerne. “I Do That Good” features Brendan Bessel (drums) and Michael Siegel (bass). “On Your Lap” features Michael Siegel (bass).